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Julia Florida


Written in Costa Rica in 1938, Julia Florida, has entered the standard guitar repertoire as one of the instrument's true masterpieces. Although it is not highly complex technically, it is a showpiece for the depth of artistry of those who play it. It requires the kind of consummate technique that commands all the subtleties of expressive execution. Thought to be a tribute to one of his guitar students, a young woman related to a good personal friend, it is the kind of piece that guitar is meant to play -flowing, a bit mysterious, a catalyst for as many interpretations as those who perform it can articulate.

As an arranger for a different instrument - the carillon - I felt the written expressive components were almost superfluous. However, they can provide helpful clues to the essence of a piece that provides abundant opportunities for individual discoveries. No matter how often the piece is performed, it never becomes tedious, but rather uncovers ever more freshness in the performer's perspective.

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