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Paul Revere, Bellfounder

Paul Revere’s Theme
The Bells of Old North
Boston Harbor
Two Lanterns
The Midnight Ride

Connections between bells and the American silversmith and patriot Paul Revere may be remarked both before and after his famous “midnight ride.” As a teenager circa 1750, he and his friends formed an association to ring the bells of Old North Church … the same church in whose steeple burned two signal lanterns on the fateful night of April 18, 1775. In the 1790’s, a mature Paul Revere became one of the first founders of church bells in the new nation that he had helped to usher in.

Paul Revere is represented in this composition by a tune somewhat in the style of William Billings, the great American hymnodist. Another theme, characterizing the bells of Old North, imitates the first three rows of “Plain Bob Major,” a change ringing method. A jaunty fife tune follows. Embedded in the “Midnight Ride” section of the piece are calls “To arms! To arms! The British are coming!” Transitions in this piece rework material from its first six measures, and a snatch of Billings’ “Chester” leads into the final Apotheosis.

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Composer: Maker, David

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