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Stasis/ Kinesis


“Choreographed” as much as “composed,” this diptych explores the physical relationships feasible in four-hands keyboard music. Unlike most such music, “Stasis/Kinesis” employs frequent and deliberate crossing of hands, in a variety of configurations. Crossings are often facilitated by the height differential between “black” and ”white” batons. There is no pedal part; the performers stand. They even switch places at one point.

Pitches in “Stasis/Kinesis” derive largely from four tetrachords, deployed in various inversions, transpositions, voicings, and textures. The tetrachords are introduced one at a time in measures 1, 29, 48, and 84 respectively; and all together in measure 106 as the principal theme of “Kinesis.” “Stasis” explores the tetrachords in “minimalist” style, while “Kinesis” adopts an exuberant “maximalist” style, with rapid succession of ideas.

Thanks are due to Amy Johansen and Isaac Wong who, as Carillon Duo “Sam Say,” have posted a performance of “Stasis/Kinesis” at this YouTube address:

“Stasis/Kinesis” was inspired by the Anderson Roe Piano Duo.

Code: MSK
Composer: Maker, David

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