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Bagatelle (Barnes ed.)

Composer Notes... Bagatelle- a plaything or toy. Dedicated to the composer’s teacher Clifford Ball 1899-1986 and composed in Aberdeen shortly after his appointment as (the first) City Carillonneur in 1955. It was played at the Clifford Ball Centennial Concert, at Bournville in 1999, the composer’s swan song recital.
The opening section of this piece has a joyful triplet motion and this gives way to a broader melody. A second exposition gives a more elaborate accompaniment, then a short fugato leads into the final ‘bell’ theme.
It was published in James Lawson’s Societas Campanariorum and then taken up by Ronald Barnes, who removed some tremolo accompaniment and prepared it for publication. Composed July 9, 1956. Aberdeen, Scotland.

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