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Exit Stage Left

Dedicated to the retirement of University Carillonist Dr. Jill Forrest AM. from the University War Memorial Carillon Sydney.


The Stage is set. It is an empty auditorium surrounding a clavier room in semi darkness.

The main instrument is situated centre stage and lit with a single beam of light. Situated to the left of the instrument (in subdued light) is the carillonist’s desk, to the right a cabinet containing her music collection and next to the cabinet, a small piano.

The audience is silent.

Stage Right: The University Carillonist enters her clavier room for the last time. She does not acknowledge her audience but has come to reminisce at the time of her retirement. Her thoughts are her own as she rummages through her music, places it on the desk, moves back to the piano; sits on the piano stool for a few minutes deep in thought, recalling the time spent here.

She is reminded of the many hours - the many recitals given as she moves to the clavier and caresses it gently. She plays three notes softly and tenderly, but at the same time full of emotion. As she recognizes that this is the end of an era, she plays: thoughtfully, dramatically, joyfully, lovingly – completely lost in her music.

As the last notes ring out she knows that her contribution is one to be remembered. The audience stands and applauds in acknowledgment. It is now time to Exit Stage Left. Her colleagues salute her.

Lyn Fuller

Code: FESL
Composer: Fuller, Lyn

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