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The Wellesley Studies

Ten compositions of easy to moderate difficulty for one or two players. All pieces are playable on a carillon of 32 or more bells.

Changing Colors
Mourning Voices
A Melancholic Song
Do You Like Rhythm?
The Search
Percussive Rhythms
"Take Seven"
A Chopinesque Prelude
Let's Play With Thirds
Campainhas Brasileiros! (Brazillian Bells)

The Wellesley College Guild of Carillonneurs is an active group of 25 students who perform on the college carillon. In addition to playing short concerts for the passing times between classes, they host four open towers each semester, participate in master classes, and travel to other carillons for wider performance opportunities. We need a wide variety and a large amount of music to meet the performing needs of the students, all of whom play at varying levels of ability. In addition, this repertoire of music has to be playable on 32 bells.

The Wellesley Studies collection of music offers both technical and musical challenges, and takes advantage of the sonority of a smaller instrument. The collection has encouraged the students to take on harder pieces as they are eager to learn each work in turn. It has also enriched the musical soundscape of the college community, becoming a beloved part of the major events of the college year.

Margaret Angelini,
Carillon Instructor, Director of Wellesley College Guild of Carillonneurs.

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