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Daylily Lullaby

Composer Notes:
Daylily Lullaby was written as a tribute to my in-laws in Springfield Illinois, home of The Thomas Reese Memorial Carillon. This instrument is situated in a historic park amidst a lush botanical garden. My in-laws were award-winning master gardeners in their day and sold daylilies at the park from time to time. Daylily Lullaby is the story of a “Father Carillon” putting the “daylily children” to bed each night; tickle-fight and all.

Shane Atkinson - Bio:
Since 1987 Shane Atkinson has been a live and studio musician in Nashville, TN for many signed music artists in the CCM industry such as Kim Boyce and The Imperials. After a career on the road he became a commercial studio composer and producer as well as a member of signed music artists Curious Fools in the mid-90's. Taking a break to raise a family, Shane became a software engineer and innovator securing two patents in multi-media and manufacturing technology. Returning to music in 2005, as the principal of Atkinsong Music Productions, he produces music and audio for commercials and film. He recently walked the red carpet at the Louisiana Film Festival for his orchestration, sound design and mixing on the film LA-308. Shane is currently working on an Art Rock debut solo album. Recently introduced to the carillon, he composed his first carillon composition in 2012 with more to follow!

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Composer: Atkinson, Shane

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