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The 2019 American Carillon Music Editions new collection is now ready for purchase.

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This collection comprises 73 pieces of music (225 pages), and provides a balanced offering of original compositions, arrangements, and duets, which we believe reflect the diversity of our customer’s carillon music preferences. We think you will find the music not only fun to play, but very useful when planning concerts for the upcoming year.

Here are some highlights…. Please see 2019 for the complete list of scores available.

Pictures at an Exhibition by Mussorgsky arranged by Scott Hummel. This collection of 6 pieces starting with the Promenade and ending with the The Great Gates of Kiev are all time favorites any time of year.

The Music of March, A Civil Rights Carillon Collection edited by Tiffany Ng is a 22-page collection (13 songs) presenting the music of the March trilogy, the nonfiction graphic novels by John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, and Nate Powell.

Alleluia An opera singer’s favorite, “Alleluia”, from the Exultate Jubilate, was composed by W.A. Mozart in 1773. Refreshing harmonies, ingenious use of simple dissonances that adapt perfectly for carillon bell overtones. You’ll have your audience singing along with you! Arranged by Frances Newell.

A Broadman Hymn Medley includes “Tis so Sweet to Trust in Jesus, Leaning on the Everlasting Arms, Throw Out the Life Line, and Softly and Tenderly, artfully arranged by Lee Cobb. The Broadman Hymnal (1940) is a standard hymnal of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Three Piano Preludes by Clara Schumann - Praeludium III, Prelude in G minor and Prelude (1845). Clara Schumann, known as Europe’s “Queen of the Piano,” was considered on par with leading virtuosi like Liszt, Thalberg, and Rubinstein. Her brilliant career spanned over 60 years and shaped nineteenth-century concert life. Arranged by Tiffany Ng.

Hymns Richard Giszczak has provided short (2-page) arrangements of the hymn tunes, Azmon, Charlestown, Neumark and St. Peter in the collection Hymns for a Sunday Morning. Tiffany Ng has provided a very powerful arrangement of John B. Dykes’ Eternal Father, Strong to Save (melita).

Music for Children Lee Cobb arranged a children’s medley chock full of nursery rhymes and fun songs for children entitled Do You Know the Muffin Man? Listen with delight to snippets of Old MacDonald Had a Farm, Do You Know the Muffin Man?, Row, Row, Row Your Boat, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, London Bridge is Falling Down, This Old Man, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, and Rock-a-bye Baby.

Je Te Veux "I Want You" is a song composed by Erik Satie to a text by Henry Pacory. Arranged by Alex Johnson, the piece is a beautiful, sentimental waltz.

Original Compositions

Toccata by Steven Sametz was commissioned in honor of George R. Gregory celebrating his fifty-eight years as carillonneur, by the music ministry of Central Christian Church, San Antonio, Texas.

And I dance by Mathieu Daniel Polak was inspired by Arthur Rimbaud quotation from Les Illuminations “I stretched festoons from tower to tower; garlands from window to window; chains of gold from star to star; and I dance.”

Moonflower Faeries by Joey Brink was commissioned by Geert D’hollander and Bok Tower Gardens for the International Carillon Festival, March 4-12, 2017. Inspired by the very magical feeling of walking through the gardens at night, when the moonflowers are in bloom and the faeries are out to play.

When composing Pluie (Rain), Alison Yun-Fei Jiang drew inspirations from the Spanish poet Juan Carlos Mestre’s poem Pan de Ayer (Yesterday’s Bread). Pluie (Rain) is a work on the remembrance of the forgotten, a lament for the lost, and a farewell to the past.


Procesion nocturna (Miserere Mei, Deus La Madrugá, Semana Santa en Sevilla) by Luc Le Provost won 1st prize in the carillon composition competition conducted by the Perpignan Sacred Music Festival 2019. “This work underlines, the fact that not only piety and religious faith but also song and dance adhere as powerful identity components of the Iberian soul.”

Nocturne Dance by Naoko Tsujita won a Special Mention from the Perpignan jury. Naoko used melodies inspired by Middle Eastern music and Indonesian gamelan, juxtaposed with a tango rhythm to create an otherworldly sensation.


Sue Bergren - Music Editor
Mark Bergren - Publications Editor

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