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The 2018 American Carillon Music Editions new collection is now ready for purchase.

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This collection comprises 56 pieces of music (190 pages), and provides a balanced offering of original compositions, arrangements, and duets, which we believe reflect the diversity of our customer’s carillon music preferences. We think you will find the music not only fun to play, but very useful when planning concerts for the upcoming year.

Here are some highlights…. Please see 2018 for the complete list of scores available.

The Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky arranged by Carlo van Ulft. This suite of 8 pieces starting with the Miniature Overture and ending with the Waltz of the Flowers are all time favorites especially during the Christmas season.

“Moonlight Bay” and Other Songs from the 1910’s arranged by Richard Giszczak is a 50 page collection (22 songs) of ragtime, Irish, sentimental, nostalgic, Broadway show tunes, WWI songs (to inspire the troops and marching songs). One of my favorite songs in the collection is the Colonel Bogey March. You may remember it from the film “The Bridge on the River Kwai”.

The Waltzing Guitar is a collection of three pieces arranged by Mary Jo Disler: Fernando Sor (Waltz, Op. 17, No. 6), Matteo Carcassi (Waltz, Op.23, No. 9), and Alberto C. Obregon (A Ma Mie). Mary Jo, a guitarist, collaborates with Dennis Curry, a carillonneur, to create carillon arrangements which are true to the original flavor of the guitar music. Mary Jo has provided her own commentary on several of the pieces, presented from the guitarist’s perspective. Her advice is to use these pieces to show off the artistry of the carillon with fluid, expressive dynamics and phrasing.

Two Pieces by J. S. Bach - Bouree II and Air from Orchestral Suite no. 3 (Air on the G String). These pieces would be a great addition to your collection of wedding music. Arranged by Frances Newell.

Peter, Paul and Mary
Frances Newell has arranged 4 favorite songs made popular by the folk singing group Peter, Paul and Mary, who performed in the 1960’s. These tunes (Blowin’ in the Wind, Where Have All the Flowers Gone?, Puff, The Magic Dragon, and If I Had a Hammer) are sure to encourage your “baby boomer” listeners to sing along.

Sacred Music
The very familiar On Eagle’s Wings has been arranged by Richard Giszczak. This piece composed by Rev. Michael Joncas is appropriate in a wide variety of settings - sacred situations, somber, memorials, or perhaps just because people love it.

Simply Beautiful
Chopin’s Nocturne, Op. 9, No.2, arranged for us by Joey Brink, has got to be one of the most beautiful pieces of music, recognized by many music lovers, and appropriate in any setting. As the song progresses, the main melody is repeated 3 times, and each time includes more and more ornamentation, a classic Chopin technique.

Mon cœur s'ouvre a tà voix is a popular aria from Camille Saint-Saëns’s opera Samson and Delilah, arranged by Wesley Arai. This aria is sung by Delilah as she attempts to seduce Samson into revealing the secret of his strength.

Cute as a Button Richard Giszczak’s very accessible arrangement of Sweet Rosie O’Grady is a love song set to a waltzing tune, playable on a 3-octave carillon. He has provided the words so you have the option of printing them in your program.

David Maker arranged 2 songs from Gilbert & Sullivan for carillon duet. I Am the Captain of the Pinafore and Ah, Leave Me Not To Pine Alone and Desolate will make fine additions to help round out a carillon program. David also created a “feet suite” for 2 players on a 2-octave pedalboard. This piece Esquisse, Rondeau et le Jeu de Pieds should be useful for developing pedal technique, independent of hands.

Original Compositions Joey Brink composed Letters from the Sky for the Ear Taxi Festival at the University of Chicago. Each of the 3 movements represents a letter which opens very free … as if letters are falling down from the sky, getting blown about in the wind before landing on the ground.

Iddo Aharony, Assistant Professor of Music Technology at Colorado College, composed …the way nets cannot hold water. How do you measure what is lost? Between a memory and its disintegration… between the sound of a bell and its reverberations, always fading away…


Sue Bergren - Music Editor
Mark Bergren - Publications Editor

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