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Our website provides a variety of information for each score in our catalog including: Product Code, Title, Composer, Arranger, Description, and Price. Our intention is to include information historically provided in our paper catalog, but to also provide additional descriptive information when possible. For example, the Description field for a score may include names of movements, or historical information, and we would like to include notes from the composer in the future.

On the left-hand-side of each page of our website ("side-bar"), we provide multiple ways to search for a music score.

Use the Search Box:
Enter any piece of information that you know about the score into the Search Box and click on the Search button. A list of scores will be displayed and each displayed score will have that piece of information within its Title, Composer, Arranger, or Description. The Search Box can be used to list scores by a particular composer, arranger, genre, or even scores based on a particular folk or hymn tune… The options are endless.

Browse by Category:
We have organized our scores into several categories. All of our scores are a member of the “All Scores” category and this category has been further broken down into original carillon “Compositions”, and “Arrangements”. In addition, we are providing categories for Folk Music (scores that are based on a folk tune), Occasions (such as Christmas, or Patriotic), and Duets, and we have made lists of scores that were published each year since 1999. In order to sort the list by Product Code, Title, or Composer, simply click your mouse on the appropriate Column Heading. By default, each list is sorted by Composer.

Select an Arranger, Composer, or Product Code from a List:
Click on the arrow in one of the three boxes provided under “Music Selections” to see a list of Arrangers, Composers, or Product Codes from our catalog. Any one of the items listed may be then selected with your mouse. For example, selecting “Barnes, Ronald” from the Composer Box will provide a list of all scores in our catalog that were composed by Ronald Barnes.

Using the Secure Shopping Cart:
Our website provides a Secure Shopping Cart which allows payment to be made using a PayPal account, or with a check or money order. If you find a piece of music to purchase, indicate the number of scores desired in the box positioned underneath the price and click the button “Add selected products to cart”. When you have completed shopping, click on the Shopping Cart at the top of the page, in order to begin the payment process.

We are hoping that by providing our catalog of music selections and the opportunity to order music completely on-line, our customers will find the process much easier (and more fun!) than ordering from our paper catalog.

Sue Bergren - Music Editor
Mark Bergren - Publications Editor

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