All Scores for 2011

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All Scores for 2011

Title Code Composer Price Fidelíssima (duet) BEFI  Besson, Roland  $23.00 Music from Würzburg (Volume II) CBC  Carcassi, Matteo  $23.00 Flight...



An Easter Triptych

Three Hymntune Settings Crown Him With Many Crowns (Diademata) Lo Upon the Altar (Vienna) The Day of Resurrection (Ellacombe)
Diercks, John $9.50

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Berceuse for Merlijn

Siebers, Marcel $5.00

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Chorale Partita V

"All My Hope on God is Founded"
Knox, John $8.00

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Fantasy for Carillon

Fantasy for Carillon was commissioned by Margo Halsted for her to premiere in September, 2009, at the 40th anniversary of the Storke Carillon at the...
Diemer, Emma Lou $17.00

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Fidelíssima (duet)

"Fidelíssima Vila de Perpinyà" is the title that John II, King of Aragon and Count of Barcelona, granted to the town of Perpignan in 1474, to honor...
Besson, Roland $23.00

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Flight of Apollo

Fantasy for Carillon Dedicated to the brave crew and personnel of Apollo 1-17 missions. "One small step for a man; one giant leap for Mankind!" -...
Cook, Geoffrey $14.00

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Arranged By: Keldermans, Karel
vanden Gheyn, M. $9.50

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Giocoso Gaudeamus

The song "Gaudeamus Igitur" has been in common use in Germany since about 1250. German university students also use it as a drinking song.
Keldermans, Karel $11.00

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Hymn to Alberto Giacometti's 'Woman With Chariot'

( Hymne til Alberto Giacomettis 'Kvinde på Kærre' )
“Hymn to Alberto Giacometti’s Woman with Chariot ” was composed in 2009 for a competition held during the annual “Klassiske dage – Holstebro...
Hakim, Naji $5.00

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